Parks & Green Spaces

You’ll find something new to explore around every corner. Relax and rejuvenate your senses in our serene parks and green spaces. Take in the view of the sparkling waters of North Lake.  Tread boldly through nature trails and admire the native trees and vegetation. Soak in the vistas, hills and sunsets. Explore your surroundings & unearth the natural beauty of the Neighborhoods of Cypress Waters.


North Lake

Several buildings overlook the breathtakingly serene North Lake.  Boating, fishing and swimming are not allowed in North Lake to keep the waters beautiful & pristine for years to come.


Parson’s Park

This charming park, filled with crepe myrtle & magnolia trees, is a quiet retreat - perfect for reading a book or having a family picnic.


Latin Corner

Tempis Fugit (time flies) when you’re having fun in the Latin Corner where you’ll find Latin phrases carved into the stones that surround this lush park.


Windchime Walk

Enjoy the melodic sounds of windchimes flanking this paved path while you stroll from the Children’s Music Garden to Windchime Park.  You’ll also delight in reading the animal groupings that are carved into the pavers, walls & chimes.


Windchime Park

The sweet sound of windchimes continue from Windchime Walk into Windchime Park where you can sit and enjoy the view of a sculpture by artist Helen Sinclair. 


Talisker Park

Named for the vintage scotch sign painted on the building that overlooks it, Talisker Park is a quaint green space filled with Caddo Maple trees and lush grass.


Oban Park

A beautifully manicured lawn is the centerpiece of this pristine park centrally located in Scotch Creek and fittingly named after the world-renowned Scotch brand.



Click here for a list of Coppell City Parks and Trails in the area.