Community Rules



The purpose of this document is to outline basic Resident conduct at The Neighborhoods of Cypress Waters.  For Cypress Waters Residents, the Texas Apartment Association (TAA) Lease outlines additional details on Community Conduct. 


1.     Television sets, stereos, radios, etc are to be played at a volume which will not disturb others and that can not be heard from outside your apartment home and/or patios.  Please respect your neighbors and keep the noise level down between the hours of 10pm-10am. If security is called out to your apartment home you are subject to a $25 disturbance fee. Please note when on your patio voices carry and can be heard by all your neighbors around you.


2.     Entrances, hallways, walkways, parking garages, lawns and other public areas must be kept clear.  No personal belongings may be placed in these areas. Gasoline, cleaning solvent and other combustibles can not be stored on the property.


3.     The City of Dallas’s ordinances prohibits the use of any charcoal or gas grills, hibachi or smoker on the patios but may be used within 10 feet of the building or overhang.  If you are cited for violating this code or failing to comply, you could be subject to a fine by the Property and/or City or Fire Department.


4.     Resident’s and their guests may park in any unmarked/open space on the property.  Resident’s may not park in another Resident’s reserved parking space. Only 1 car per lessee of driving age is permitted to park in the garage. Resident understands the parking garages are not monitored and Owner is not responsible for any lost, stolen or vandalized property including but not limited to vehicles, motorcycles and personal belongings. If you have a second car or one that is not driven on a regular basis please do not park in a prime location.


5.     Non-operative or abandoned vehicles are not permitted anywhere on the property.  Vehicles must display a current inspection and registration sticker at all times.  Trailers of any kind and/or any vehicle are not allowed to be stored or parked on the property. Resident’s may not wash or repair their vehicles on property. Any such non-operative vehicles may be removed at the expense of the Resident. Owner reserves the right to tow any vehicle.  


6.     There is no charge assessed if the lockout occurs during normal business hours.  Any individual wishing to gain access to an apartment must be listed on the lease agreement and present photo identification. Any after-hours lockouts will be performed at a cost of $25 per incident payable to the accounting office due within 48 hours. 


7.     The fitness facilities are provided for use and enjoyment of the residents and 1 guest only.  Owner assumes no liability for the safety and security of Residents.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


8.     Pool, Outdoor Lounge area and Courtyards and grills are exclusively for Cypress Waters Residents and a limit of 1 guest per Resident. Residents must have their pool/fitness pass with them at all time.  There is a $25 replacement fee is lost of stolen. Persons under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  Refreshments must be served in unbreakable containers and pets are not allowed in the pool areas due to health codes. Please NO Glass in the pool area. Pool hours are from 10am to 10pm.


9.     Children under 16 years of age must be with an adult on the property grounds, clubhouses, fitness facility, swimming pool, courtyards business center and laundry room at all times.


10.   Team sports such as football, soccer, kickball, dodge ball, etc., are not allowed in any of the parking lots or parking garages and/or courtyards. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, skates, etc., may not be ridden in any parking garage or breezeways.


11.   Computers in the business center are for Resident use and a limit of 1 guest per Resident.  There should be no expectation of privacy through use of these computers and any usage constitutes Residents explicit consent to Owner’s possible monitoring and examination of all use of the computers.  The retrieval, recording, transmission or display of any kind of sexually explicit graphics, audio or documents in the business center is strictly prohibited.


12.   As a Resident in this Community you are exposed to wildlife, critters, nature and wooded areas.  You are at your own risk and Owner shall not be responsible for any injury, damage or loss to person or property due to wildlife, critters or wilderness. 


13.   All Residents allow Cypress Waters/Billingsley Company to use any photos taken of Resident and guests while on property and/or while attending community events for the purpose of marketing and advertising.


14.   If any personal information changes during your lease term, you are required to notify Cypress Waters of these changes so that we may have your updated information.   This includes emergency contacts, workplace, phone numbers, etc.